C# – Delegate

What the heck is a delegate?


– Function pointers
– Can be changed run-time
– Comes from System.Delegate

using System;

delegate void myDelegate(string name);

namespace delegatedis
    public class Program
        static void women(string name){
            Console.WriteLine("Hi Miss "+name+"! Have a nice day!");

        static void attackhelicopter(string name){
            Console.WriteLine("Hi Apache " +name+"! gl hf!");
        public static void Main(string[] args)
            myDelegate mydel;
            string name = "Jane Doe";
            mydel = women; // We can use mydel like it is a pointer.
            string name = "AH-64";
            mydel = attackhelicopter; 


Hi Miss Jane Doe! Have a nice day!
Hi Apache AH-64! gl hf!

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